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Toast-It started from the passion of two Venezuelan girls, Coco and Mafe, who wanted to keep their Venezuelan roots during their ongoing life. Their busy lifestyles prevented them from cooking the delicious arepas, typical Venezuelan plate that they grew up eating, in Miami's current resident city. Therefore, Coco and Mafe create Toast-It, a new way to have arepas with a quicker cook process and delicious results. Toast-It's arepas are frozen that can be heated on the toaster.

However, the challenge was to convey the right message to people who recognized Toast-It as a quality product that can be cooked quicker than the regular plate. People are used to associating fast food with low-quality and unhealthy food.

The millennial generation is a busy demographic that looks to keep its roots in a healthy approach through their ongoing life. Therefore, Toast It is the answer to solve the issue for this generation. Toast It developed a strong branding, website, and packaging to be perceived correctly.

The branding is the main skeleton and structure to understand the brand's communication for the correct target audience. The branding establishes the guideline to move forward and align everything that is going to be conveyed in the future. Strong branding is a synonym of a powerful brand.

The solid and powerful brand, package, and website reflected the right message, so the supermarkets asked for the product. Toast It is currently displayed and sold in different supermarket locations around Miami. Also, in Canada. The brand is expanding and getting the correct results after a good positioning.

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