Promotion and Connection during Pandemic Times

DBakers - Food Industry

Special Campaign “National Macaroon Day”

DBakers is a seasonal bakery located in Miami that offers breathtaking, quality, and accessible sweets. It is the place to find cakes, cookies, macarons, and cupcakes out of the world. However, Macarons are a DBaker’s symbol. In February 2020, DBakers launched a campaign during COVID-19 dedicated to the macaroons symbol.

The objective of the campaign was to convey the right message about the DBaker’s macaroons. Although they are not from Paris, DBakers provide the best quality of macaroons. To promote this product sales nationwide, DBakers needed to connect with their audience, and established that DBaker’s macaroons are the best quality and taste. People from Miami are used to good quality french desserts, and the DBaker’s macarons are not the exception.

The strategy to increase sales and deliver the right message was through a sales promotion on free delivery. To accomplish the main objective, DBakers provide unique content through its social media platforms and website. The owners wore macaroon’s customs, and they were the main characters on a mini clips series production. Each mini clip showed the story and the values that the brand has. Each macaroon arrived from Paris to Miami. They visited a couple of emblematic places in Miami until they came to their home, the DBakers shop.

The campaign results were a complete success, boosting DBaker’s macaroons sales up to 38% above the average. The increase in sales was a consequence of a good promotion strategy, brand bases, and humanization. The connection to the consumers was pure. The audience connected on a new level; they could meet that human and fun side of Dbakers by believing in the credibility that the DBakers projects on each of its macaroons.

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