Paris Fashion Week

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Paris Fashion Week Show Assistance - Rebranding - SETA

Client: SETA

Services included: rebranding and fashion show assistance

Year: 2020

Seta is nowadays considered one of the top Latin American brands with an international perception. As a matter of fact, it was showcased in Paris Fashion Week on February 2020 with the Fall-Winter collection, the collection was named “ECLAIR”

In order to prepare for this opportunity, we also worked on a rebranding to transmit the essence of SETA as a High Fashion/Luxury brand; with strong values, concept and a solid manifesto. We traveled to Paris, France to make sure all the marketing guidelines were being accomplished when it comes to the perception of the brand during the fashion show.

Moreover, the launch of SETA’s 2020 Fall Winter collection at Paris Fashion Week was a great example of using social media to bring the audience closer to the live event. The show was a total success and the goal was reached; show SETA as a high-end fashion band with an outstanding fashion show.

“For the first time ever SETA took Paris Fashion Week, it was one of the most exhilarating experiences we have had in the history of SETA. From planning, casting, fittings, modeling, meetings, the fun, and runway it is all a dream come true. Everyone was enchanted by our ECLAIR Collection, a powerful and strong collection. BTS is difficult, but the most fun part. You experience emotions all at once that you had no idea you could feel. Stress, excitement, nervous, indecisiveness, power, etc. You get confused about what to feel, but once you see your collection on the runway you can feel at peace and you truly live your dream. The emotions are very much indescribable.”

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