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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Client: KIRA

Services included:

Year: 2020


For our client Chiquinquira Delgado and her website and blog KiraLife, we came up with the idea of creating, designing, structure and elaborate an Ebook called “Juicy Secrets” by Chiquinquira Delgado that included more than 50 recipes of different kinds of juices. Amount them you can find juices that are antioxidants, detox, green juices, juices with health benefits, etc. All natural juices with fruits and vegetables bases

Our team did a very broad research to provide the most accurate information in each particular recipe, to show not only the ingredients of each juice but also the benefits of them. We created an amazing concept and did a photoshoot to go along with the book that included Chiqui as the main character and of course the juices and different ingredients to create very descriptive and showy illustrations.

Also, we created the platform in which the book was going to be launched; established the price in which we were going to sell it, and the marketing strategy we were going to approach in order to promote the Ebook.

“Juicy Secrets” was going to be sold on the Kira Life website, so we added a landing page where you could fill out the form, pay through there and receive your ebook by email anywhere in the world.

The goal was to provide all Kira Life customers a closer look at Chiqui's lifestyle by providing them with her own personal juice recipes and encouraging everyone to live a healthier lifestyle with a very accessible tool.

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