Macaroons have landed in Miami

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Special Campaign “National Macaroon Day” - dbakers

Client: dbakers

Services included: Content Creation, Paid Advertising, Targeting, Video Production, Artistic and Creative Direction, Marketing Strategies,

Year: 2020

Link: Instagram and TikTok

In February 2020 we started a campaign that had as the main goal to demonstrate how Macaroons are the main symbol or element of dbakers, also, we wanted to transmit their brand values through content creation; sarcasm, energy, and sense of humor. Also for this campaign, we wanted to boost sales not only locally but also nationwide, and we did it by offering Free Delivery along with the special content on our website for our Macaroons.

The owners of dbakers wore Macaroon’s customs and they were the main characters of the mini clips. Then, we produced a series of mini clips where we showed the arrival of Macaroons from Paris to Miami, and along with the videos, we were developing the story in which the macaroons touched a couple of emblematic places in Miami until they arrived at dbakers which was the place they felt like home. We launched a series of mini clips in the month that celebrated the National Macaroon Day.

The results of the campaign were a complete success, augmenting Macaroon Sales up to 38% above the average. This was the result of connecting with our audience on a new level, they were able to meet that human and fun side of Dbakers.

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