Turn your idea into a business or your digital platforms into real success!

Through a 2-hour conference call, you will have the option to receive a brand audit, coaching session, or a personalized workshop on the best apps to enhance your social media platforms. 


Through the brand audit/coaching, we will do a review on your social media account and/or business idea and you will receive:

  • Tips and suggestion for your digital platforms and/or marketing idea

  • How to convert an idea into a business

  • Audit on your brand bases and concepts and how you can start your own Brandbook

  • How to create valuable content for your audience

  • Tips on what type of content to post

  • How to turn followers into clients

  • Tools we use every day for Marketing Purposes

  • Social Media tips and hacks to enhance your digital presence.


For the personalized workshop, we have the following options available for you:

  • How to Use Apps to enhance your social media presence

How does it work?

  1. First, save your spot by Selecting your plan below.

  2. You will receive an email from the team with a link of a questionnaire we need you to fill out before the call

  3. Once we receive the questionnaire, we will schedule the conference video call based on your availability.

  4. 24 hours before the call, you will receive an email with the link in which we will connect.

  5. During the call, we will go over the needs, that will be identified through the questionnaire.

  6. After the call, you will receive an email with a summary of the conversation


Select your plan

Brand Audit

2 Hour Call

$150 one time fee

Personal Workshop

2 Hour Call

$85 one time fee

Coaching Session

Brand Consultancy

2 Hour Calls Twice a Month + Weekly Follow Up